Before the emergence of Adbusters, there was Psychomedia Productions, a pioneering force in the realm of counter-culture. As the youth protest and peace movements of the 1960s took shape, a revolutionary spirit enveloped Vancouver, the birthplace of the global ecological movement and Greenpeace. Amidst this cultural milieu, Psychomedia Productions, situated at 1243 West 7th Avenue, emerged.

Brought to life in the house of Kalle Lasn, who would later become the managing-editor of Adbusters, Psychomedia Productions laid the foundation for what would eventually blossom into a ground-breaking magazine responsible for introducing the world to Buy Nothing Day and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Now, presenting a collection of six films from the trailblazing film collective, we invite you to delve into the artistic legacy of Psychomedia Productions. This compilation includes Thanks Giving, Views from the Psychomedia Film Collective, The Vancouver Easter Be-In 1973, Night Life, Blow Job, and Schizophrenic Superman. Each film encapsulates the essence of the collective’s vision, pushing boundaries and seeping into the global psyche.