1. In university I focused on producing short films. Since then I have created music videos, promotional films and personal pieces for artists, musicians, businesses and myself.

BAD/GOOD Demo Reel


by Joey Chaos and The Ghosts

S13: Season of Rebellion

Adbusters Media Foundation

Partyfest 2019 Promo

Red Gate Arts Society

Adbusters – Issue #143 Promo Video (2019)

Adbusters Media Foundation

OHM – Everything Is Gone (2019)


Video Essay – Proliferation of the Poor Image (2018)

Ferdie the Love Fiat  (2018)

ACTORS – L’appel Du Vide (2017)


Pink Licorice album teaser DIRECTORS CUT (2016)

Timing X – Getting the Machine (2016)

SHAKE! Records

Gristle – Festival Cut (2016)

WINNER Best Audio at the Dead on Film Horror Festival at the Rio Theatre

Marina and the Specks – My Roots (2016)

OHM – Uppercut (2017)


BC SPACA – Lexus adoption video (2015)

Kimmortal – Ancestral Clock LIVE at the Woods Studio (2014)

OHM – Car Crash (2014)

Joey Chaos – POLARISER album teaser (2013)

Sprinkle Snow on It (2013)

OKIBI – GRAVELIFE pt.1 (2013)

Joey Chaos – The Adventure Boyz (2013)