CMNS Co Op Practicum

Being a multi-media producer for the Faculty of Communication Art and Technology Dean’s Office was a new experience for me in that I haven’t worked with such a large and professional team. I found that the area I learnt the most in was professional communication and etiquette as I tend to have a casual DIY attitude towards my work and letting it speak for itself. This position allowed me to explain my process, gain guidance and better prepare for tasks. 

Working within FCAT allowed me to learn and develop strategies for working within a multitiered, high calibre environment without being overwhelmed and held back by imposter syndrome. Furthermore, it forced me to better plan and strategize the various projects I had on the go. Throughout this course I feel as though I improved upon my bad habits in working within a professional setting.

During my time I was able to focus on three major projects with FCAT. Originally I was set to produce multiple faculty promotional videos yet the dynamic nature of the pandemic has put this on ice. Perhaps by the end of my co-op I will be able to complete one of these videos.

The first was a promotional video created for the Skoden Indigenous Film Festival. An opportunity arose where I was able to interview Carr Sappier and Kathleen Mullen, this year’s festival organizers, and the group of undergrad students who were part of the Skoden Indigenous Film Festival planning course. These interviews were carried out at the SFU SCA and after a lot of red tape I was able to carry them out in the SCA courtyard. This provided challenging as the background noise was difficult to deal with at times and we couldn’t use a wireless mic as there were multiple participants involved.

Two versions of the video were made, the first being a shorter version for Instagram and the second a longer for YouTube.


Seeing as the interview with Carr and Kathleen was almost half an hour, I edited the audio to be used for my radio show at CJSF 90.1 FM.

The second major project was the Dean’s Welcome speech. The project was challenging, and I found this to be a high-pressure situation. I had to create a mockup of the video as a proof of concept, assist in editing the speech, learn how to use an advanced professional grade full frame camera, wireless microphone system and provide and execute a shot plan down to the individual shot and when it would be filmed in order to fit the dean’s tight schedule. Then I had to coordinate with assistants, monitor the dean’s performance while offering suggestion all while keeping the shoot fresh, organic and lively. In the background was the hurdles of outdoor on location shooting having to compensate for wind noise, backlighting and inclement weather.

In the end the shoot was a success. It is yet to be edited but I’ve provided some stills from the shoot for context.

Lastly I am creating a series of videos to address the current COVID safety situation at the SCA to be used as brief promotional clips on Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook and YouTube. These videos would showcase how classes are being conducted in a safe manor following the SCA covid safety plan. A challenge in this was that I wasn’t able to film this and was provided with random footage from classes that I then has to reframe into a video with new context. This project is also ongoing but I’ve also included a few clips for context.

Overall the co-op was an enjoyable experience, and I am grateful that the exception was made for me to complete a third and final term with WiL.

Skills gained:Professional communication etiquetteProficiency in advanced mirrorless camera systems
The ability to set up, sync and utilize wireless camera systems
Organizing multiple shooting schedules with tight time frames
Learned a new video editing system during the course of this co-op