MY LIFE IS MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHY AND FILM. BAD/GOOD elevates art, music and community through inherent aesthetic and conscious design.

I’m an MA student at Simon Fraser University focusing on pirate radio and protest culture. I’m also a musician and lens based multi-media artist. During my undergrad I focused on the broadcast arts, founding the pirate radio station Fernwood Autonomous Radio 90.1 FM which was subsequently shut down by the CRTC. Following this I moved to Vancouver in 2012 to establish myself within the art and music scene.

I have worked with musicians, designers and creatives to share both their vision and my own. My work has appeared in Exclaim, Beatroute and Adbusters and my work has screened at the Dead on Film Festival and Rent Cheque.

Wanna talk? joeymalbon(at)gmail.com